The Game

Bitmap Banshees is a techno- glitter VR thriller game installation created by the dept of New Realities @ W+K Amsterdam.

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Set inside a future dystopian Amsterdam, a gang of biker banshees are out get you. Cutting loose, you navigate survival inside a psychedelic science fiction slash b-grade horror frogger reality.



The experience surpasses expectations of gaming and VR, with an exercise bike turned hacked Mad Max machine, complete with haptics and interactive elements like a bike bell that harbors special powers.

Bitmap Banshee’s, directed by Geoffrey Lillemon and Anita Fontaine brings their notorious goth pop shattering art styles back into the light

You Ride the Reckoning, straddling a multi-dimensional bike strutting VR goggles to crack a new dimension bursting with terror and delight.