The installation, which is housed in W+K Amsterdam’s public gallery space, includes a custom Mad Max style bike which acts as the gaming interface. Created from half an exercise bicycle plus half an old Amsterdam bicycle, a bunch of wires and sensors,

the physical bike allows users to cross dimensions and pedal inside the VR world.

Wearing a modified VR headset, players sit on the interactive bike to pedal and steer inside the game world, and ring the bike’s special bell to unleash a defending Carrotty’s blast.


Created in Unreal and experienced through VR platform Oculus Rift, Bitmap Banshees was created and directed by Geoffrey Lillemon and Anita Fontaine, Creative Directors of the ‘Dept of New Realities’,

a new creative unit within W+K Amsterdam that focuses on gaming, VR and experiential installations.

To align the installation’s launch with Halloween, Lillemon and Fontaine worked with a dedicated team to bring the creepy installation to life in two months.


bikeOn their inspiration for the game, Lillemon and Fontaine say: “We tapped into the year 2097 in Amsterdam, where living life in VR is a daily grind. The Bitmap Banshee’s are digital avatars reeking havoc inside this warped future. “They” – the Banshee’s, forced us to make this game as a teaser of what’s to come, as we enter a new hyper- reality filled with avatars capable of criss-crossing dimensions.”


Bitmap Banshees launches at a special event held in W+K Amsterdam’s public gallery space. Overflowing from digital into physical, the intense gaming experience is accompanied by a print exhibition with the game’s characters and collectibles turned into icons and exhibited in the gallery space.

A natural progression to merge the real and virtual into a cauldron where hyper sensational dimensions dance together,

Bitmap Banshees is part of W+K Amsterdam’s mission to define and creatively explore new realities.