Meet the Banshees


A vicious hex code claw vrouw from the depths of  #666 color code underground.
Cycling emotional problems while cycling through the 5th dimension she strides forward glazing rage with beady eyes reflecting on the hell bell of the bitch bike to get you.


Sickened from the lick of a straddle crab, baby butt craylor poses like bad brick bridges that no troll would dare take shelter.


The red eyed crybabies wormhole vegetable of choice.  Plucked from the cobblestone ether, her chrome plated cloak is served for dinner casting spells on the spin cycle witch sinner.




Eye lashing out while floating down the canals of corpse beauty, her morning glamour is applied from sparkle pads dipped in globs of blood. Collidoscopic crashes, get scratched and sleep falls upon those who get slapped by the wrath of the choke boat.